Yosemite National Park Shares Adorable Social Distancing ‘Advice From A Bobcat’

Yosemite National Park, one of many attractions closed amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, is using one of its resident critters to help illustrate social distancing.

With 4.5 million visitors last year, the park is not always a great option for any kind of social distancing, especially in the very scenic ? and often very crowded ? Yosemite Valley. 

But with the park closed due to the pandemic, some of its more elusive creatures are making an appearance… including the solitary and noctural bobcat

“Secretive bobcats are not often seen, but they have become more conspicuous since the park closure,” the park wrote on Facebook.

One of the images shows a cat on a boardwalk that would typically be teeming with people.

Given the elusive nature of the bobcat, the park shared some “social distancing” advice from the animal’s perspective: 

While Yosemite remains closed, there are a number of webcams in operation to give nature lovers a live glimpse of the famed park. 

It’s as close as most people can get to Half Dome, El Capitan and Yosemite Falls for now. 

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