Stephen Colbert Compares Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Brag To Hindenburg

Stephen Colbert blasted President Donald Trump Monday for bragging about his TV ratings as the coronavirus death toll skyrocketed. (Fast forward to the 10:15 mark above.)

In the official return of “The Late Show” ? albeit at home ? the host zeroed in on the president’s lack of sensitivity. He showed a tweet in which Trump boasted about viewership of his White House briefings.

“President Trump is a ratings hit,” the president wrote, comparing his cable TV numbers to that of “The Bachelor.”

“It reminds me of the Hindenburg coverage,” Colbert said, referring to broadcaster Herbert Morrison’s famous “Oh, the humanity!” description of the May 6, 1937, zeppelin explosion that killed dozens.

But in Colbert’s tweak of the newsreel footage, the announcer has a more self-centered take on the disaster.

“It’s burning and bursting into flames and this is gonna get amazing ratings! … Oh, the publicity!”

Watch the historical takedown above. 

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